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Our suspenders are designed for heights between 5'2 and 6'2. If they don't fit perfectly - return them within 30 days for a full refund.

Old School Suspenders

Travel back in time with these retro 80's suspenders. Their groovy straps and tie dye style design is sure to bring back some nostalgia. Not only do they look cool, but they instant turn you into an amazing dancer. That was a lie but these suspenders are still awesome!

You need yourself a pair of retro suspenders. They are the most stylish of suspenders and are a must have addition to any man's closet. Why is this? Well it's because they are so stylish that ladies start to chase you! Okay all that was a joke but these are a cool pair of suspenders so you need to buy them!

Their old school design is as retro as it gets. Wearing these will instantly make anyone from the old school years admire your impressive sense of style. Okay there probably won't be any admiration but you should totally buy these suspenders!

These tie dye suspenders are simply awesome. Its unique design is guaranteed to stand out and make an impression. You can get lost in the pattern of these for hours. We love its yellow leather detailing because it blends in with the colors so well. When it comes to cool tie dye accessories, these suspenders are perfect!

Get groovy with these hippie suspenders. They show a splash of personality with your outfit. Not only that, but they spread love wherever you go. Anyone within a 5 mile radius instantly becomes happy and starts singing Bob Marley. Also, none of that was true. But buy these suspenders because they are groovy as hell.

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