Undergarment Suspenders

Undergarment Suspenders
In addition to lifting, Undergarment Suspenders are used for keeping shirt tails smartly tucked into pants, pant legs neatly tucked into boots, keeping otherwise droopy socks up, and even keeping an expectant mother's maternity pants up during the last months of pregnancy. These intrepid suspender solutions often do this arduous and heroic work away from view, hidden beneath pants and shirts, so no one but you knows you have them on. Most of the products you see below are sold in pairs with each order.
Sock To Shirt Suspenders

These Sock To Shirt Suspenders are solving two problems at the same time. Not only do they keep your dress shirt's tail from creeping up and spilling over your pants but since the run down the length of each leg, they also grip onto the top of you socks and keep them up as well. A great gift idea for anyone who must dress professionally at the office everyday. Each package contains 2 shirt tuck suspenders per order.

Sock Suspenders

Now you needn't worry about droopy socks gathering around your ankles because these hidden Sock Suspenders will hold your socks up all day long. There so comfortable you'll forget that you even have them on. They're adjustable and each order includes 2 suspenders per package.

Boot Clip Suspenders

These hidden Boot Clip Suspenders fit comfortably around the sole of your feet and grip onto your pant legs keeping your pants from creeping upward. Ideal for women who wear stylish leather boots or riding boots and want to maintain the clean, trim line of their pants. Each package contains 2 pair of boot clips per order.

Hidden Leg Suspenders

There's nothing more annoying than a dress shirt tail creeping up and eventually coming out of your pants especially at a formal gathering like a wedding or wedding reception, a graduation ceremony or some other important event where it's critical to look neatly dressed. Our Hidden Leg Suspenders solve that problem by attaching onto the shirt tail and holding it to each leg and they're so comfortable, you'll forget that you even have them on. Each package includes 2 leg suspenders per order.

Sag Suspenders

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  • Undergarment Suspenders
  • Waist adjustment 75cm ~ 114cm
  • Belt width 3cm
  • Sling width 2.5cm
  • 2 Sag Suspenders Per Order

These suspenders keep your pants sagging at just the right amount. They can be worn with any clothing thanks to the black color that keep it low key. They attach comfortable so you will hardly notice that they are even on. Just be sure to remember if you happen to be pulling your pants down.

Maternity Suspenders

Pregnancy need not be a challenge in the clothing department. These incredibly soft and hidden, undergarment Maternity Suspenders help soon-to-be mothers hold their pants up by attaching directly to a bra and are fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of heights and pant lengths.