Pink Suspenders


Pink Suspenders are worn by men and women of all ages. For women who want to change things up and ditch the poofy prom dress, donning a tux with pink suspenders and a matching bow tie is sure to turn heads. For men who want to show their softer side or perhaps call attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, then wearing a pair of pink braces at the office or for a special event is an emphatic statement support. And, of course, kid's look great in a gray pin-striped suit with pink suspenders and matching pink bow tie at weddings or birthday parties. We even have pink sequin suspenders for New Year's Eve and other celebrations. 

Baby Clip-on Suspenders

These suspenders are designed for babies and infants between the ages of 1 month and 1 years. If they don't fit perfectly - return them within 30 days for a full refund.

There's nothing more adorable than a baby wearing wide, brightly colored suspenders. Whether your little one is wearing jeans or khakis any color selection of Baby Clip-on Suspenders and a white shirt are a wonderful combination to show off your newborn at any family gathering or celebration.