Tips To Wearing A Vest And Suspenders

hipster wearing suspenders with a vest
The vest and suspenders combo is a stylish way to rock our favorite accessory. Gone are the days when vests were reserved for formal attire. Nowadays people are rocking a this outfit casually. We love seeing our suspenders worn in different ways and that's why we put together this guide on how to wear suspenders with another classy accessory.

How To Pull It Off

If you're rocking a vest for a wedding or formal event then it's important that you play the part and keep it dressy. However, if you decide to wear a vest as part of your everyday outfit then there's all kinds of directions you can take your style. If you're feeling adventurous you can even mix the two styles and rock your vest with suspenders hanging down like Channing Tatum.

channing tatum wearing a vest and suspenders hanging down

Casual Outfits

You have quite a few options for casual outfits with suspenders. For pants you should stick to jeans or slacks. Our favorite look is to wear jet black denim jeans and a grey vest. The monochrome color scheme gives the perfect blend of casual and formal. Wearing jeans and suspenders looks incredible when done correctly.

guy wearing suspenders and a vest 

Our favorite part of this style is the versatility. We recommend a pair of classic suspenders and pull off this look. When rocking leather suspenders and a vest you should wear some matching accessories as well.

 Formal Outfits

Formal outfits are one of our favorite ways to wear suspenders. Sadly, there isn't as much versatility than if you were going for a casual style. Most people go with a pair of dress pants and matching dress shoes. Leather suspenders look great with formal attire and also with groomsman uniforms..

leather suspenders

If you naturally look good in black then you can easily be the best dressed person at a wedding with the right outfit featuring suspenders with a vest. You should also consider rocking suspenders with a suit.

guy wearing leather suspenders with a vest

The most important thing to keep in mind when going for a formal look is to wear your suspenders under a vest. You should only wear suspenders over a vest if you're shooting for a casual look. Ideally nobody will see your suspenders, but that doesn't make for good photos right?

Women Wear It Too 

Women often wonder if they can wear these traditionally male accessories. It's 2018 and things have change for the better. Girls are encouraged to wear suspenders too. You should check out this guide on vest outfits for women right here and apply some of those tactics to this guide.

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