Types Of Suspenders

There are hundreds of different types of suspenders for men. If you are interested in knowing about each and every one, then luckily you are in the right place! There are a wide variety of suspenders styles, shapes, sizes, attachments, colors, etc...Since we like you, we're going to explain each and every one.

Styles Of Suspenders

different types of suspenders side by side

Let's start this off by talking about different suspenders styles. There's casual, classic, leather, novelty, and tons more. Men who wear suspenders switch up their style depending on the event. Some occasions call for casual suspenders and some call for dress suspenders. 

Special Suspenders

Sometimes we need a pair of suspenders to fill a certain purpose. That's where special suspenders come into the picture. It could be for a costume or for a functional purpose. We have hidden suspenders and shirt to sock suspenders that easily keep you going about your day in a timely manner.

Casual Suspenders

Casual suspenders are both stylish and great for everyday outings. They look amazing with a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt. The best part is that most casual styles feature both button and clip-on attachments!

Classic Suspenders

When it comes to a reliable accessory than classic suspenders are the way to go. They can serve as both formal, business, and casual suspenders thanks to their universal design. These are a good first pair of suspenders.

Dress Suspenders

Next up we have dress suspenders. These are the go to choice for formal events where you need to look your best. We highly recommend these suspenders for weddings.

Leather Suspenders

Leather suspenders can be worn for both casual and formal events. We love to see them worn at weddings as part of a groomsman uniform. Their western design gives them a uniquely stylish appearance.

Women's Suspenders

Men aren't the only ones who can wear suspenders! Women's suspenders are super fashionable and are a stylish addition to all kinds of outfits.. We've recently been seeing celebrities all around Hollywood rocking our favorite accessory.

Work Suspenders

man wearing professional john deere suspenders

Work suspenders are what you wear to the office or on the job. These are meant to feel comfortable for all day wear. They make holding your pants up as stress free as possible!

Suit Suspenders

Suspenders are a great accessory for the office. With a pair of slacks and a white button up shirt, suit suspenders are truly able to shine. They attach well and give you a unique impression around your work.

Reflective Suspenders

Sometimes you need to work outdoors at night, and you don't want cars to be a threat. Well that is when a pair of reflective suspenders come in handy. They make sure that you're noticed when you need to be most!

Logger Suspenders

If you're looking for a reliable work accessory then you should get a pair of logger suspenders. They fit comfortable with most work attire and have that unique logger style. We recommend wearing these with a rugged pair of work jeans.

Construction Suspenders

Suspenders are a common accessory among construction workers. We often see construction suspenders worn instead of a belt. This is because they are often more effective depending on the quality of suspenders you purchase.

Types Of Suspenders For Kids

boy wearing suspenders

Kids look absolutely adorable in suspenders. Especially when wearing a pair of fun kids suspenders with their outfit. If you're looking for a stylish gift for children, then kids suspenders are definitely a fine choice!

Toddler Suspenders

Toddlers look absolutely adorable in suspenders. We love to see all of the awesome outfits that they can put together. A pair of toddler suspenders is always a great addition to any child's wardrobe. 

Boys Suspenders

Boys are best when wearing suspenders. It's the perfect formal accessory to wear to a wedding or similar event. Dress your son up with a pair of boy's suspenders and a stylish matching bow tie!

Girls Suspenders

Boys aren't the only ones who can wear suspenders! Girls happen to look just as good wearing them. Just make sure to have a cute pair of girl's suspenders that are sure to make a lasting impression.

Baby Suspenders

The only possible thing that might be cuter than toddler suspenders are baby suspenders. Babies look so adorable in suspenders that it's impossible to not dress them up on them! It gives them that cute adult appearance that we all know and love.

Colors Of Suspenders

groom wearing colorful suspenders

There are tons of suspenders colors to choose from. We have collections for everything from black to yellow. Each color allows you to create your own color combinations which is why we love having such a wide variety.

Beige Suspenders

Our favorite style for beige suspenders is to wear them formally. They look extremely fashionable for dressy occasions. However, thanks to it's versatile color, you can also wear these with casual outfits.

Black Suspenders

Black suspenders are one of the most versatile colors for accessories. You could rock them with formal outfits or standard everyday looks. They look best when worn with a matching black bow tie.

Blue Suspenders

When worn with a pair of jeans you can't go wrong with blue suspenders. They match easily and add a splash of color to any outfit. We love to see them worn against a white shit so they can properly stand out.

Brown Suspenders

Another extremely versatile accessory is brown suspenders. They match nicely with most work and dress shoes. The best part is how well they look when worn with casual outfits.

Burgundy Suspenders

We love burgundy suspenders for their dapper appearance. It's a beautiful color that is sure to make an impression. We like to see them worn with both casual and dress attire.

 Cream Suspenders

What's classier than cream suspenders? This color is great for weddings and other dressy events. We like to see them worn against a darker colored shirt so they can easily be noticed.

Green Suspenders

Green suspenders are great for casual styles and holidays. They are the perfect accessory for Saint Patrick's Day. They also work for representing your favorite sports team's colors!

Grey Suspenders

When it comes to business attire, grey suspenders are the way to go. They give a sleek appearance that we love to see around the office. What's best is that they match easily with other professional accessories.

Khaki Suspenders

Khaki suspenders are another accessory that is suitable for office wear. They match easily with khaki pants and look great with brown accessories. That is one of the few reasons why we love this versatile color.

Navy Blue Suspenders

Nothing is more classic than navy blue suspenders. With their recognizable navy blue color, they are absolutely stylish. We love to see this color worn with a blue denim pair of jeans.

Orange Suspenders

Orange is an awesome color for accessories. Especially when we're talking about orange suspenders. They stand out and easily make a lasting impression on anyone who sees them.

Pink Suspenders

Pink suspenders are perfect for when you want to show your soft side. They not only show off a bit of personality, but also look great with groomsmen uniforms. This color can serve as a stylish wedding accessory.

Hot Pink Suspenders

Suspenders don't just come in plain pink. There's much more to the color than many people think. A sexy accessory for both men and especially women is definitely hot pink suspenders. They show a passionate side that most people simply can't handle.

Purple Suspenders

Nothing is more passionate than purple suspenders. They are awesome for goth and dark outfits. On the contrary, these can also be worn to parties as a stylish accessory.

Rainbow Suspenders

Show some pride with a pair of rainbow suspenders! We love to wear these to festivals and parades. These are the perfect design for showing off your inner spirit. To pull this off it's essential to be going for a fun and stylish outfit.

Red Suspenders

Red suspenders are arguably the sexiest men's accessory. They look incredible both in the office and on the streets. We absolutely adore seeing kids wearing red suspenders with a matching red bow tie.

Sky Blue Suspenders

Blue like the sky, these suspenders are nice and easy on the eyes. They look great when worn with other light colors such as a white button up shirt. We love to see kids wearing this sky blue suspenders as well!

White Suspenders

White suspenders are classy and can be worn with both professional and dress attire. We love to see them worn against a navy blue shirt because of how well the colors go together. When paired with a white tie this accessory looks incredible.

Yellow Suspenders

Yellow suspenders are perfect for holidays and family events. On the other hand, we also see them worn as a pair of casual suspenders. They easily be rocked with a light colored button up shirt for a business casual outfit!

Patterned Suspenders

Suspenders come in all types of patterns. For example, there are plaid, striped, and polka-dotted suspenders. Casual outfits are the ideal style for patterned suspenders.

Striped Suspenders

A favorite design that we love to see is striped suspenders. They go great with both casual and business attire. We also love to see them pulled off as part of a wedding outfit because of how classy they look.

Polka Dot Suspenders

Although most people see them as a silly design, polka dot suspenders are absolutely awesome. They aren't just made for clowns to wear. We see these worn with dapper outfits all the time!

Plaid Suspenders

Some people seem to love plaid. That's why we make it a priority to carry plaid suspenders. It's a unique pattern that Scottish people and those alike always seem to love.

Checkered Suspenders

If you really want to stand out then you need to get yourself a pair of checkered suspenders. It's a retro design that is sure to turn some heads. We love to see these worn to throwback parties!

Sizes Of Suspenders

skinny and wide suspenders

There isn't much variety when it comes to suspenders sizes. They usually range from .5 inches to 2 inches in width. Anything pair of suspenders above 2 inches are worn with heavy duty work attire. 

Skinny Suspenders

For casual outfits we like to wear skinny suspenders. They aren't too noticeable but still stand out just enough to make an impression. Skinny leather suspenders are one of our favorites to wear because of it's versatile design and wide range of outfit opportunities.

Standard Suspenders

Standard suspenders are suitable for any occasion. They have just the right width to be considered not too casual and not too formal. Standard suspenders are our most commonly purchased size.

Wide Suspenders

Wide suspenders are often worn with formal or dress attire. On the other hand, they are almost always the preferred size for work suspenders. No matter how you wear them, they are the most durable choice when it comes to holding your pants up!

Attachments For Suspenders

different types of suspenders attachments

There are quite a few different suspenders parts. The three main types are clip-on, button, and trigger snap suspenders. All three attachments are suitable for their own outfits and styles.

Clip-On Suspenders

Clip on suspenders are awesome because they can be worn with any pair of pants. All you have to do is clip them on and you're good to go! Clip-on suspenders also have the advantage of a more casual appearance when compared to other types of suspenders.

 Button Suspenders

If you're looking for a more formal appearance then button suspenders are the obvious choice. They can also be worn with any pair of pants because sew able buttons are often included free of charge. We love to see button suspenders worn to weddings!

Trigger Snap Suspenders

Trigger snap  or hook suspenders have a more western appearance over the other two attachments. They are often used with leather suspenders to help them hold up better. If you're a cowboy then these are the suspenders for you!

Shapes Of Suspenders

two types of suspenders shapes

Suspenders come in two primary shapes: the X-back and the Y-back. Both suspenders shapes certainly do their job, but each one have its own characteristics that make them unique. If you're a beginner to suspenders then Y-back suspenders are probably the way to go!

X Suspenders

X back suspenders provide a bit more support than Y-back. This is thanks to their extra strap on the back end. Most work suspenders often come with the X-back shape for this very reason!

 Y Suspenders

If you are going for a more casual look than Y-back suspenders are the way to go. They may not provide as much support but they certainly look better from the back. The key to wearing Y back suspenders is to attach the back strap perfectly to the center of the back of your pants.

Novelty Suspenders

man wearing novelty suspenders

Fun accessories are a great addition to anyone's wardrobe, and novelty suspenders are just the way to fill that addition! They are unique and cool and kids love to wear them. These are perfect for costumes and parties.

420 Suspenders

What better accessory is there than rasta suspenders. They are exactly what you need when you're about to light up. Just don't forget to roll up first so that you won't have any interruptions!

Animal Suspenders

Animal suspenders come with all types of creatures on them. We have everything from dinosaurs to zebras. Kids absolutely love to wear these because they get obsessed with their favorite animal.

Camouflage Suspenders

If you're going out into the forest then you might want to pick up a pair of camo suspenders. They are perfect for disguising and hiding from animals. We don't recommend anything but these when out on the go.

Christmas Suspenders

Get into the holiday spirit with a pair of Christmas suspenders. Some say that these will make Santa bring your family more presents. Just kidding, but it's always fun to spread some holiday cheer!

Flag Suspenders

Sometimes you just need to show your patriotic side. This is where flag suspenders come in handy. Rock the suspenders of your country and show a bit of nationalism. It never hurts to have pride!

Halloween Suspenders

If you're looking to scare someone then you need a pair of Halloween suspenders. These are perfect for costumes and parties. It's not too much but still just enough to get people interested.

Holiday Suspenders

There are so many holidays that you might want a pair of suspenders for each one. That is why we have a holiday suspenders collection. Shop everything from Valentines Day to Saint Patrick's Day. This is our favorite collection thanks to all the fun that can be had!

Music Suspenders

We love suspenders with a musical design to them. That's why we carry quite a few of them as part of our music suspenders. These are the perfect gift for musicians or anyone that just loves music!

Mustache Suspenders

We simply can't forget about mustache suspenders. These are our absolute favorite type of novelty suspenders and for good reason. They so so stylish and start conversations wherever you go. If you don't mind looking like a hipster every now and again then you must get yourself a pair today!

Other Types Of Suspenders

glow in the dark neon suspenders

There are a few other types of suspenders that you might consider. These are unique based on their fabric, design, or color. If you're still deciding on your first pair than it's important to check out every type before making your decision.

Silk Suspenders

If you love a smooth feeling on your body then you must get a pair of silk suspenders. They feel absolutely amazing and fir comfortably. Just be sure to look the part when wearing these.

Western Suspenders

What could you possibly wear to look like a cowboy. The answer is obviously western suspenders. You can rock these to any western event or even just out on the town. Either way they will certainly hold your pants up.

Neon Suspenders

When you need to be noticed at night then it's important to wear a pair of neon suspenders. These are for those late night construction and city jobs. If you want to be as safe as possible then you should definitely get yourself a pair of these.

Elastic Suspenders

Suspenders made with elastic material stretch and bend exactly how you need them to. They also seem to fit comfortably over most peoples shoulders. Most elastic suspenders come with clip on attachments but we like to wear the button ones too.

Hunting Suspenders

There's no better accessory than hunting than suspenders. This is because they provide the extra support you need to carry hunting supplies. More durable then a belt, hunting suspenders hold up when you need them to most.

Suspenders On Sale

Last but not least we have suspenders on sale. If you're ballin' on a budget then this is the collection for you. All of these suspenders are at a discounted price so that you can save as much money as possible. The best part is that there is no coupon required. Simply place your order and receive instant savings today!