How To Wear A Tie And Suspenders

man wearing a tie with suspenders while draping his jacket over his shoulder

Choosing The Right Suspenders

Suspenders and ties are both very old accessories. They've been a part of formal attire for some time and when combined make for an incredible outfit. Most often this combo is worn with a suit and suspenders.

Groomsman uniforms always include a tie or a bow tie. If you are putting together some kind of dress suspenders outfit with a tie then I would recommend checking out our dress suspenders.

wedding suspenders

Outfits Featuring Suspenders With A Tie

Matching red tie and button suspenders:

 man in matching red tie and suspenders

Man in suspenders with his dog:

guy with his dog in a tie

Matching brown tie and striped suspenders:

matching brown tie and striped suspenders

Blue polka dotted tie and suspenders:

man in blue tie and suspenders

blue polka dot tie and suspenders outfit

Grey tie and blue suspenders outfit:

blue suspenders and grey tie outfit

Pink tie and black suspenders outfit:

pink tie and black suspenders


    Ties aren't commonly worn as a casual accessory. If you want something casual then I recommend wearing suspenders with shorts. It's a trendy style that has been going around lately. It's appeal is from the fashion statement of suspenders combined with the comfort of shorts.

    Suspenders with a bow tie is another common outfit nowadays. It's actually very popular for weddings and other dressy occasions. You should check out our bow tie and suspenders set here right here!

    man adjusting his bow tie

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