How To Pull Off Suspenders With Shorts

man wearing shorts with suspenders while resting his hands in his pockets

The suspenders with shorts combination is a cool new fashion trend. We're starting to see men, women, and especially children rocking their shorts with our suspenders. We have some information to help you put together a stylish outfit!

How Women Wear It

girl wearing suspenders and shorts

For this look you need a low cut pair of shorts and a matching pair of suspenders. it's best to keep it simple because it's easy to go overboard. Suspenders are already a very noticeable accessory, and it's certainly enough to make a lasting impression. 

If you are a women and just now getting into the suspenders trend then you are in the right place. Our suspenders for women collection has just what you need when it comes to building your wardrobe. And the best part is that our suspenders are super affordable.

khaki women's suspenders

Clashing colors help your suspenders stand out. We love to see a black shirt worn with a light pair of suspenders for a casual outfit. Not only is it comfortable, but any girl would agree that it's super cute. Check out these other ways for women to wear suspenders.

How Men Wear It

man wearing suspenders with shorts

Men wear shorts and suspenders in a more noticeable fashion. Any man wearing this combo is looking to make an impression. Suspenders are a super stylish way to do so. Our casual suspenders would go perfectly with this outfit.

casual burgundy suspenders

You should add a tie or bow tie to go with your suspenders. Of course don't forget the button up shirt. A pair of classy boat shoes give that preppy appearance that seems to be in style at the moment. 

How Kids Wear It

kid wearing shorts and suspenders

Kids can pretty much wear whatever they want. No matter what, they're going to look cute. Find yourself a pair of kids suspenders and match them with any pair of shorts and you've got yourself an adorable kids suspenders outfit.

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