How To Wear A Suit With Suspenders

view of a man wearing a suit with suspenders shot from the front

The suit is a powerful indicator of status and is often worn in the workplace. You may be wondering how to wear the suit and suspenders combo, so we've found 5 suit and suspenders outfits for you to check out!

Suit And Suspenders Outfits

business man wearing suspenders and a suit

Button suspenders are significantly more impressive to wear. The only downside is you have to sew some buttons into your pants. On the upside they look incredible with a suit. Check out our button suspenders collection right here.

man wearing suit and suspenders to a wedding

You can easily rock a suspenders with a tuxedo to a wedding. Luckily suspenders are a very formal accessory and are commonly worn as part of a groomsman uniform. What's cool is you can pull it off with either a tie or a bow tie. Take a look at our dress suspenders.

guy wearing suspenders with a suit on the street

This suit is complemented by very extravagant suspenders. The outfit is put together very well and the colors match nicely. Otherwise it may come off as over the top. I must say that I'm a fan of this outfit.

guy wearing dapper suit and suspenders

This outfit is one of the most dapper that I've seen in a while. The shoes could be polished and he's flooding a bit but I like what he's going for. Again button suspenders are being worn because this is meant to be a fancier outfit.

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