How To Add Buttons To Your Pants

button attachments for suspenders

Most suspenders are designed and manufactured with clip-on fasteners so they can grip any pair of pants. Suit pants and many brands of dress slacks already feature suspender buttons sewn into the waistband of the trousers but what if you want to wear those beautiful Button Suspenders with a pair of pants that don’t already have suspender buttons? Well, it’s very easy to add buttons and Trend Suspenders ships a package of six buttons with ever pair of button suspenders for that very reason.

    Steps To Sewing Suspenders Buttons To Pants

    • Mark where the buttons will go - measure and mark two button spots for the back strap, and four button spots for the two front straps. Suspenders buttons should be about an inch in diameter. You have the option to sew them on the inside or the outside of the waistband though in most cases the inside of the waistband is a cleaner look. They can go on the inside or outside of the waist band.
    • Sew the buttons - you should use about 2 feet of thread per button. Carefully sew your buttons to the pants.
    • Secure buttons - secure the button by wrapping the thread around and tying in. Finally you can cut the excess thread.

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    button suspenders

    How To Wear Your Pants With Suspenders

    Now is the fun part. We need to test the buttons and make sure they will hold. Nothing is more embarrassing than when your suspenders come undone. Luckily button suspenders usually don't have this problem if everything is sewn properly.

    First attach the back strap to the back buttons. I prefer to attach the back first because it's always the more tedious side. Next drop the two front straps over your shoulders and attach them to the front buttons. Pull them tight to make sure your suspenders and trousers are holding strong!

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