How To Wear Suspenders

five guys wearing suspenders outfits

Suspenders are the one fashion accessory that never go out of style. This article is going to teach you everything you need to know about how to classify, choose, and wear suspenders.

Our suspenders guide will touch on these main points:

  • What are suspenders?
  • How to attach suspenders?
  • How do suspenders work?
  • How to adjust suspenders?
  • What to wear with suspenders?
  • When to wear suspenders?
  • How to match suspenders?
  • How to put on suspenders?

What Are Suspenders

Suspenders are an accessory worn for either function or style reasons. They serve the purpose of holding your pants up, similar to a belt. Just make sure not to wear both at once. Check out some of our men's suspenders for good examples.

Suspenders are often made of elastic, spandex, or leather. Leather Suspenders are useful in the sense that they don't stretch and will hold sturdy. On the other hand, suspenders that stretch tend to be more comfortable to wear.

leather suspenders

How To Attach Suspenders

    Clip-on suspenders are easy to attach and are best for beginners. You simply put pressure on the clip release and allow them to clamp down on the belt area of your pants.

    guy attaching suspenders

    To attach button suspenders you must ensure sure that your pants have buttons sewn into them. Next, just wrap the loops around your buttons and you're good to go. Our Button Suspenders come with 6 buttons so you can start wearing them right away.

    How Do Suspenders Work

    The method behind suspenders is pretty straightforward. One or two straps at the back work to hold the back end of your pants up, while two straps at the front work to hold the front end of your pants up.

    How To Adjust Suspenders

    Standard suspenders can usually be adjusted by the front strap. There should be a metal clasp that you can tighten and loosen to adjust your suspenders to your liking. Most leather suspenders are adjusted with the tradition hole-in-belt system.

    What To Wear With Suspenders

    There are many different ways to wear suspenders and complementary accessories you can wear with them. Here is a list all of some of our favorite suspenders outfits that you may want to try out.

    Suspenders with jeans:

    black and white picture of a man wearing suspenders with jeans

    Suspenders with a suit:

    man wearing suspenders and a suit

    Shorts with suspenders:

    teenager wearing shorts with suspenders

    Suspenders with a vest:

    guy wearing suspenders with a vest and bow tie

    Tie and suspenders:

    tie and suspenders

    Suspenders with a t-shirt:

    t shirt and suspenders

    Costume with suspenders:

    costume with suspenders

    Suspenders hanging down:

    guy wearing his suspenders hanging down 

    When To Wear Suspenders

    They are many appropriate times to wear suspenders. The most common is to wear suspenders for formal occasions. This includes weddings, proms, and fancy gatherings. On the other hand, people still love to wear suspenders to add some style to casual clothing.

    How To Match Suspenders

    Matching suspenders with other accessories or clothing items helps to convey a consistent and coordinated look. For example, combining a pair of brown leather suspenders with a brown pair of boots and a wristwatch with a leather band to creates the stylish look of a country gentleman.

    Many suspenders look great with matching bow ties whether for formal wear or with more casual clothes like khaki slacks and a navy-blue blazer for traditional Ivy League look. For more festive events and celebrations suspenders with bow ties can really stand out and get attention. Of course, suspenders with neckties, also look great and are often seen in offices and boardrooms.

    If you're looking for a standard pair of suspenders that can be universally used for multiple occasions, check out our Classic Suspenders.

    classic suspenders


    How To Put On Suspenders

    These simple tips will easily explain how to put on your suspenders:

    1. First, attach the back strap or straps to the back of your pants. You want to attach the back strap(s) first so adjusting the length and tightening the front straps is easier to do if the suspenders are initially set for a shorter length than your torso.
    2. Second, pull the two front straps over your shoulders.
    3. Next, attach the two front straps to your pants.
    4. Finally, adjust the two front straps to your liking.
    5. Remember not to wear a belt with suspenders.

    Here is a good demonstration of putting suspenders on:

    Thanks for reading our guide on how to wear suspenders. Check out this infographic for more info.

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