Our 13 Favorite Costumes With Suspenders

halloween suspenders costume party

Certain characters and celebrities are basically icons for suspenders nowadays. I'm talking about the Larry King type of guys. The guys that are so well known for wearing suspenders that we even dress up as them for Halloween.

Suspenders are a great accessory for costume parties. However, there are so many suspenders icons that it's hard to choose a favorite. So we've gone ahead and put together our top twelve favorite costumes with suspenders!

German Lederhosen Costume For Oktoberfest

This is an awesome lederhosen suspenders costume but it takes more than just suspenders to make it work. You need to have the entire German shindig. This includes shoes, pants, shirt, and of course the beer to go with it.

german lederhosen suspenders costume

Classic Geek Suspenders Costume

If you're a comic book fan then this is the costume for you. It's also relatively simple to pull off. Just get yourself a geeky t-shirt and a pair of suspenders and you're pretty much good to go. A pair of framed glasses is a big bonus.

classic geek suspenders costume

Steampunk Suspenders Costume

This costume is hardcore and requires a pair of steampunk suspenders. They are the main accessory behind the costume and from there you can pick whatever else you want to wear!

girl in steampunk suspenders costume

Tweedle Dee And Tweedle Dum

Everyone loves these dumb twins. They are fun to dress up as because you can get your best friend to match. All you need is a pair of red suspenders, a yellow shirt, blue bow tie, and red pants.

tweedle dee and tweedle dum suspenders costumes

Mario And Luigi Suspenders

This is another cool costume you can do with your friend. This costume even works without the hats. You just need some black suspenders, blue skirts, plus red and green shirts and you're solid!

mario and luigi suspenders costumes

Lumberjack Suspenders Costume

The lumberjack costume is another one that's both easy to put together and super cool. You need any colored flannel, dark colored suspenders, and a pair of jeans. An ax would help but that might be a little overboard. 

lumberjack suspenders costume

Fireman Suspenders Costume

Fireman really do wear high quality suspenders. They are made to hold up an extremely heavy pair of industrial pants. For Halloween though you just need a pair of red button suspenders and fireman pants.

fireman suspenders costume

Mork And Mindy Suspenders

Robin Williams will always be remembered as one of the greats. Many of his older fans will remember his famous Mork suspenders. It's an iconic accessory but still easy to mimic. If you can get your hands on the pins then all you need is some rainbow suspenders!

mork and mindy suspenders costume

Mime Costume

mime suspenders costume

Nerdy Steve Urkel Suspenders Costume

It's funny because Steve Urkel is essentially a symbol for nerds. If you pull your pants up high, wear a striped shirt, and slap on some suspenders then everyone will know who you're cosplaying as. You could wear any pair of suspenders or take it up a notch and get some nerd suspenders.

steve urkel suspenders costume

Despicable Me Costume

Yeah yeah minions wear overalls I get it. But what if you don't want to buy overalls because they aren't in style and you'll never wear them again. That's where denim suspenders save the day. All you have to do now is get a pair of blue jean shorts, a yellow shirt, and some goggles. You can also try out our minions suspenders for this look!

minions suspenders costume

Misty From Pokemon

Everyone born after 1990 knows Misty from Pokemon. Even kids nowadays still watch Pokemon and that's why her outfit is always rocked on Halloween. For this costume you just need red suspenders, a yellow shirt, and blue jean shorts.

misty suspenders costume

Harley Quinn Suspenders Costume

Harley Quinn is a fan favorite character from the D.C. comic book series. She's crazy and wild which is probably why she opts for suspenders rather than a belt. Her costume takes a bit more effort, but luckily we have the complete Harley Quinn suspenders costume in stock!

harley quinn suspenders costume

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