Can You Wear A Belt With Suspenders?

belt and suspenders

The age old debate of whether or not you should wear a belt with suspenders. It's a popular discussion regarding suspenders fashion. This guide is going to clear up any questions you may have.

Suspenders vs. Belt

They both do their jobs nicely, but are belts better than suspenders? The answer is completely subjective. Let's list the pros and cons.

Characteristics of belts:

  • Rarely come undone
  • Very inconspicuous
  • More popular

Characteristics of suspenders:

  • Clip on suspenders may come undone
  • Suspenders are rarely worn and easily stand out
  • Less popular

It looks like it comes down to preference. They both do an equal job of supporting your pants, although suspenders are preferred for more heavy duty work like firemen.

The question is whether or not you like turning heads. When it comes to dressy events this is exactly what you want. However, if you just want a functional accessory solely to hold your pants up then a belt will draw less attention.

Can I Wear Both?

It simply does not make sense to wear both. The term 'belt and suspenders' is slang for redundancy and used to describe overly cautious procedures in some industries. 

guy wearing a belt with suspenders

It's pretty much a fashion code to avoid redundancy. It shows that you're wearing something just to wear it which is a big no-no. If you're wearing suspenders in place of a belt then you have the plausible deniability that they are just being worn for functional reasons. 

If you think for a second then it starts to makes perfect sense. It's like wearing sunglasses with a hat. You have two things that do the same job, so just pick one and wear the other on another time. 

Outfits With Both Suspenders And A Belt

Still unsure? Take a look at some of these outfits and decide whether or not you agree with our opinion that you should not wear a belt with suspenders.

This one is a costume so he has an excuse:

cosplay with suspenders and belt

Can you blame a man for wanting to show off his belt?

cordarelle patterson with his louis vuitton belt and suspenders

Have you seen office space?

 office space suspenders with belt

Even cowboys are doing it!

cowboy in suspenders and a belt

Please don't wear this combination to a wedding:

formal outfit with both suspenders and a belt

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